Matchy-matchy: Adorable outfits for little girls and their dolls

I made a king-sized quilt in week last week. Yes, seriously, 108″ inches square, start to finish in one week. The details of the project are still a secret, so that’s all I can say for now.

When you make quilting your day job, as much fun as quilting is, it is work. After completing such a massive project on a very tight deadline, I needed a break. Before I quit my day job to do quilt pattern design full time, that break was sewing. Well, I needed a break from quilting.

So what do you do when you want to do some relaxing sewing, but need a break from quilting? Why you make matching doll and girls clothing, of course!

I have dozens of patterns for matching doll and girls dresses that I have been putting off because I’ve been so busy with quilting. My daughter is really getting into dolls, and her American Girl Doll only has one dress. So I took a much needed day off, pulled out my patterns and headed to the store for some apparel fabric.


First up was a pair of matching tutu skirts for Halloween. The future quilter already understands that when we go through the store, we have to touch the fabric to make sure we want to buy it. When I’m making something for her, I often hold up two bolts of fabric and let her pick which one she likes better. She already has quite a sense of color.


So she helped pick out the tulle and ribbon for these cuties. Then I made them after she went to bed and gave them to her as a surprise when she got up. She was so excited she posed for a¬†picture and then wore the skirt everywhere. … the vet, the store, Hobby Lobby to buy more fabric. I finally managed to get it off for her nap.

Once Quilt Market is over I promise to film a video tutorial on how to make these. It was pretty easy and the future quilter just loves it.


Then during nap time I whipped up a ballet leotard so the doll wouldn’t be naked, matching shirts which this super adorable and modern knit print we discovered at Hobby Lobby. Of course it is still in the high 70s and too warm to wear them just yet, but there was much hugging and dancing with the doll wearing matching shirts when I tried the shirt on her.


But then the doll had a shirt and no pants, and that just wouldn’t do. So I made doll jeans. You wouldn’t think doll jeans would be a time consuming product. They’re only 9 inches tall after all. But this one pair of doll jeans took me three hours to make. They’re adorable, and I’ve already cut two more out in pink and teal. But they’ll have to wait because I’m officially back to quilting so I can have a new pattern for you all later this week.

Here’s are the links to where you can find the patterns I used:

Matching shirts: McCalls 7273

Jeans: Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle

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  1. Ok…so I know im a little late on this party, but let me just say I LOVE this. I also spend my time trying to figure out if I’m quilting, making doll clothes or sewing for myself. I tend to go in spurts is doing one or the other, but when you need to “push” something out quick doll clothes are it! I am also a very big fan of Liberty Jane at They are the very best place to get quality doll patterns. Thank you for sharing this story! My “little girl” is no longer “little” but I have 2 granddaughters age 9 and this summer learned there is a new “little girl” on the way. So, now I have lots more to sew and teach than ever before. They are so precious and grow up so fast. Take care.


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