Refraction video tutorial and pattern

I make a lot of quilts. It is part of the job of being a pattern designer. I like them all, but I love Refraction.

The quilt is deceptively simple. It uses strip piecing and a 60-degree ruler to create the the diamond shapes you see here. The quilt is made with a jelly roll and some yardage. There are no Y-seams and you can easily make the top in a weekend.

I just love it when I can create something that looks really complicated, but can be made quickly and without too much fuss.

But the biggest reason why I love this quilt is the negative space. This is the perfect design to give to your quilter and tell them to have fun with it. That’s what I did when I sent it to Natalia Bonner. She did a fabulous job quilting feathers into all the diamonds and the border. There are beautiful swirls in the background and a nice outline to accent the star center. She just did an amazing job and I couldn’t imagine the quilting being any better.

There are patterns and 60 degree rulers on Just click on the links below to get what you need to make this quilt yourself.

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