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I will do interviews with local media any day of the week. Our brick and mortar shop is kind of the weak link when it comes to net revenue in the Quilt Addicts Anonymous brand. It makes money, but barely, and I know every time I chat with a local reporter, that number goes up just a little bit.

But I really hate fielding interview questions from people who know nothing about the quilting industry. Specifically from people who have no idea this is $3.7 billion industry, and that a quilting business isn’t just some cute little hobby business for a woman to run.

In the past three years I have grown Quilt Addicts Anonymous from a quilting blog that barely made enough to cover hosting fees, into a business that supports my entire family, plus contributes to the income of three part time employees and sells its products internationally. That is no small feat, and I did it with the help of some great people.

And most of the time the local interviews never quite capture the business woman in me. Instead they focus on the cute hobby turned business part, using soundbites about how when I first started teaching, it was because I loved quilting and I was hoping to make some more money to support my fabric buying habit. I learned my lesson right then and there never to share that anecdote again.

So now to Leah Day. She is totally different. As a female entrepreneur in the quilting industry who also supports her entire family through the business and brand she has built at and the Free Motion Quilting Project, and she gets it. So instead of going over the hobby end of it all, we skip straight to business growth, how it happened, how it is measured and what I’m doing to continue it.

Now that is an interview. And all of her podcast episodes are like that. She gets at the heart of what it takes to run a creative business. So if you are reading this and thinking, heck yeah I want to do that. Add Hello My Quilting Friends to your podcast list and start learning while you are entertained.

And a great episode to start with, although I am a bit biased, is episode 37, Highs and Lows of Business Transformation with Stephanie Soebbing, Episode #37. Just click here to listen.

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  1. I’m so touched by your post! Thank you so much for sharing the podcast and also for sharing the real life experiences of running an online and storefront business. You’re a rockstar and no matter whether you keep your storefront or move to a warehouse, you’re doing great and running your business based on logical decisions.


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