Become a Quilt Addicts Anonymous Ambassador

We are starting a Quilt Addicts Anonymous Ambassador program and we are looking for some talented quilters and sewers who want some free fabric, patterns and exposure for their blog and/or social media channels and guidance on how to make money from your creative passion.

Here is how it will work. Each month you can choose $30 worth of goodies from You can choose fabric, a pattern or a new tool you have been wanting to try. If we have it, we will ship it to you for free. Then you take those goodies and have one month to make something with it and share it on your blog and social media accounts.

We will also share your creations on our blog, podcast, social media and email newsletter. So you reach a wider audience and so do we. But we are going to include some extra benefits for our QAA Ambassadors that I am really excited about to help you grow your business, or learn to monetize your blog to start to grow it into a business.

In 2014, Quilt Addicts Anonymous was just a quilting blog making enough money to cover its hosting fees and that was it. Today it is a fast-growing ecommerce and brick and mortar quilt shop, a pattern design company and I regularly work with top brands to design new patterns for upcoming fabric releases. It has been a wild ride, and I don’t have all the answers, but I do know what it takes to turn your passion into a business, and I am going to share that with our QAA Ambassadors on a monthly call. I also am going to create a private Facebook group so you all can get to know each other, and have access to me between the calls if you have questions about how to grow your business.

My hope is that you can take what I learned and the promotion we will give you to grow your audiences and learn to monetize your creative passion.

To apply to become a Quilt Addicts Anonymous Ambassador please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your blog web address
  • Links to all your social media channels with follower counts
  • A screenshot of the Google Analytics Home screen showing your Users and Sessions for the last 28 days
  • If you have an email list, how many subscribers you have and how long you have been building the list
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got started crafting, blogging and where you want to take it (500 words or less)
  • Why you want to be a Quilt Addicts Anonymous Ambassador (250 words or less)

We are going to consider your stats in our decision making process, but your story combined with your writing and photography skills will also play a large roll in determining who we choose as a QAA Ambassador. We are looking to choose five or six to Ambassadors start with, so take your time and present your best self.

We will accept applications through Sunday, April 22, 2018, so gather your stats and tell me why you should be a QAA Ambassador.

Happy Quilting,


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  1. I have a Facebook group called Happy Quilters Tips and Quips and it is the nicest bunch of ladies ever ! We would love to even take turns doing this with you ! I was actually going to ask if you wanted to join our group so we could make some of your beautiful quilts . We would love to do this


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