Honest Quilt Shop – The professional (aka more fabric more mess) version of #HonestCraftRoom Vlog

Long before we opened the brick and mortar version of Quilt Addicts Anonymous in Rock Island, IL, our shop was a cafe. This works great for us because there is a beautiful large built in counter and work space that was used for food prep. Today we use it for prepping orders to ship and storing all my ongoing projects.

But last spring/early summer as I traveled constantly to shows, teaching and Quilt Market and made a boat load of quilts for all of those occasions, it got pretty messy.

The good part about owning a shop is you have employees who try to be nice and pick up after you. The bad part about having a shop with employees, is when they pick up after you, sometimes you have no idea where they thought a clean place was and you can’t find binding when you are on quilt deadline.

So the first free weekend I had, I cleaned up the hot mess that was the work station at the shop and documented it all in today’s vlog. Check it out and then click on our website to see more vlogs and tutorials.


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