The perfect intro to 60-degree triangles! Congruence from Fat Quarter Workshop

Today we’re bringing you a replay of one of my favorite patterns, Congruence, in my best-selling book Fat Quarter Workshop.

We’ve got brand new kits in my fabric collection, Nocturne with QT Fabrics, inspired by one of you! We saw one of our customers upload their take on Congruence with Nocturne, fell in love and decided we needed one too!

Congruence is a no-neutral quilt where you split the fabrics into equal colorways to create equilateral triangles. Then the 60-degree triangles are sewn together in horizontal rows, making it about as easy as you can get with NO Y-SEAMS!

And of course we give you tons of tips and tricks to get those triangles and points to turn out absolutely perfect.

So if you’ve always wanted to give 60-degree triangles a go, grab a signed copy of my book, Fat Quarter Workshop and a kit and be amazed at what you can create.

Products we used:
Congruence quilt pattern in Fat Quarter Workshop:
Congruence Quilt Kit featuring my fabric collection Nocturne:
Clearview Triangle Ruler:

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