How to fuse T-Shirts to interfacing for a T-Shirt Quilt

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In today’s video we are going over how to fuse interfacing to the back of our T-Shirt quilt blocks. I demonstrate on two blocks, one that is fairly simple and one that has screen printing covering just about every open space, so you can see how to handle all kinds of T-Shirt designs.

This is my favorite step of the T-Shirt quilt making process. I love seeing how flat and neat the T-Shirts look once they are fused. And it is fun remembering the events and occasions the T-Shirts came from as I work.

You absolutely need an Appliqué Pressing Sheet for this step. You need to always have the sheet in between your iron and the screen printing on your T-Shirt, or the ink will lift off onto your iron.

I show you how to avoid it and make everything look great, but just make sure you don’t try to do this project without one.

Just a reminder that this is the fifth of nine videos in the new How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt video tutorial series. If you follow along with us in real time, you will be done in time to gift this at graduation. Watch all the videos here:

Supplies you’ll need:

T-Shirt Quilt Pattern:

Fabric for the sashing, cornerstones, binding and backing:

T-Shirt Quilt Interfacing:

Appliqué Pressing Sheet:

12.5-inch square ruler:

6.5-inch ruler here:

Frixion Gel Pens:

And of course there’s lots of basic sewing notions you’ll want to have, but probably already own if you’ve been sewing for a bit. Here’s the rest of the list.
– Sewing Machine
– Thread:
– Rotary Cutter with a fresh blade:
Flat Flowerhead Pins:
Curved Basting Pins:
– Machinger’s Quilting Gloves:
– Quilt batting
– Walking Foot

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