How to Choose the T-Shirt Quilt Layout

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In today’s video you will watch as I lay out my T-Shirt quilt and I talk through the strategies I use to make sure the colors and values are evenly distributed throughout the T-Shirt Quilt design.

The cheat sheet version, is you are going to want to first separate your T-Shirts into light (white and light gray), medium (most colors) and dark color values (black, very dark gray and some navy).

​You’ll see me do that and then hear me talk through my decisions as I work to make sure the final design is balanced from a color perspective first, and then make sure that there aren’t a lot of buys prints all grouped together.

The idea is to make sure the eye isn’t draw to any one spot because you put too many busy or like-colored shirts in one area.

I also bring out the Illini T-Shirt quilt I made for my husband so you can see how I made this work in another application where there are fewer colors to take into consideration for a team or school T-Shirt quilt.

Just a reminder that this is the seventh of nine videos in the new How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt video tutorial series. If you follow along with us in real time, you will be done in time to gift this at graduation. Watch all the videos here:

Supplies you’ll need:

T-Shirt Quilt Pattern:

Fabric for the sashing, cornerstones, binding and backing:

T-Shirt Quilt Interfacing:

Appliqué Pressing Sheet:

12.5-inch square ruler:

6.5-inch ruler here:

Frixion Gel Pens:

And of course there’s lots of basic sewing notions you’ll want to have, but probably already own if you’ve been sewing for a bit. Here’s the rest of the list.
– Sewing Machine
– Thread:
– Rotary Cutter with a fresh blade:
Flat Flowerhead Pins:
Curved Basting Pins:
– Machinger’s Quilting Gloves:
– Quilt batting
– Walking Foot

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  1. I have made over 300 t-shirt quilts I do things a lot different, but the main thing is I use a larger than a 12″ template so designs are not cut off. I cut the shirts and interfacing larger than my finished square, add the interfacing to the back of the shirt then cut my final sized square. I use invisible thread to quilt the quilt.


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