Strip-pieced quilt perfect for showing off BIG prints! Strata from Fat Quarter Patchwork Quilts

We’re bringing you a replay of one of my favorite patterns with a new kit today! Strata is a fat quarter-friendly pattern that is perfect for showing off big prints by alternating small squares with long strips of fabric to let the fabric shine.

Strata is so fast and easy because we strip-piece the small squares and rectangles. You’ll have it together in no time. Just watch the video to see how quick this quilt goes together.

The pattern was originally created for the Stashin’ with Stephanie club, and now is only available in my book Fat Quarter Patchwork Quilts. We also came up with new kits using BioGeo-2 by Adrienne Leban for FreeSpirit Fabrics.

This big bold prints are perfect for this pattern. They looks great in the smaller squares and the big rectangles, and the black background just makes everything pop.

Since a lot of people already have the book, we are selling the new quilt kit separately from the book, so make sure you grab both if you don’t have the book yet!

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