How to attach a waistband to a A-Line Pull-on Skirt – Intro to Garment Sewing – Simple A-Line Skirt

In today’s video we’re going to show you how to attach the waistband to the skirt panels.

We’re going to do this in two steps to make it easy, first attaching the flat front waistband to the front of the skirt, then making the elastic casing for the skirt back, threading the elastic through and securing the ends.

In the next video we’ll sew the side seams up with a French seam to enclose all of the raw edges for a nice professional looking finish.

Make sure you grab one or both of the skirt patterns we will be making in the Intro to Garment Sewing course.
Simple Pull-On Skirt:
Simple A-Line Skirt:

And shop our current fabrics that will work for sewing a skirt:
Garment Fabric:

You can shop all of our recommended garment fabric notions here:

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  1. So glad you are doing this series. I am learning a lot. Can’t wait to make a skirt! Are you going to make other items like pants, shirts, jackets?


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