How to do a fabric pull!

Choosing fabric can be one of the hardest parts of the quilting process.

Often when we choose a pattern, it’s because we love everything about it, including the original fabric that often is no longer available.

So in today’s video I have Bobby Metcalf as my guest. He’s our newest Quilt Addicts Anonymous team member who we brought on to help us with creating content, but he has ZERO quilting background.

We worked together to pull fabric for a quilt on his bucket list, Ultraviolet using just what is available in our current remnant section.

I take you and Bobby through the process of determining what kinds of fabric we need, pulling way more than the pattern calls for, and then narrowing it down to the final fabric choices that will recreate what you loved about the original.

This video will be great for anyone working from their stash, or who love to collect remnants!

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