Straight Line Quilting on the Longarm – Quilting Frequency

When I got my longarm, finding one that had channel locks so I could do straight line quilting was really important to me.

But once I got my machine, I realized that unless you have a whole cloth quilt, in order for the straight lines to actually be straight, the leaders, had to be square, the quilt had to be loaded on square, the quilt had to be square and all the piecing had to be perfect.

I just don’t have that much confidence doing one of those elements correctly, let alone all four. So I use rulerwork in order to achieve a straight line. You can see how in our quilting video for Frequency. It’s definitely a great beginner-friendly technique for longarmers.

We just remade it from my book “Fat Quarter Workshop” in Vibrant Life by Shandra Smith for Clothworks. It is such a bright and fun rainbow and I used hot pink thread to quilt it with … because in some instances, hot pink is definitely a neutral.

We’ve got plenty of kits in stock and signed books ready to go. So check out the links below and get going on this beauty.

Frequency Lap Quilt featuring Vibrant Life:
Frequency Pattern featured in Fat Quarter Workshop:

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