What You REALLY Need as a new quilter!

When you get started quilting the amount of supplies you need can be overwhelming. So for today’s video I break down the nine supplies you absolutely need to get started, and the nine you don’t.

The catch is, the nine supplies are the same item, at different price points.

I go over what kind of sewing machine you need, and two upgrade price points that you don’t need to start, but can be nice if you decide you can’t live without quilting.

I also go over what you absolutely need for fabric, thread, rotary cutters, mats, rulers, pins, and pressing and the higher priced items you don’t need to be suckered in by to get started.

I hope this video is helpful as you decide what supplies to purchase to get started or help you decide when it is time to upgrade and get some realistic price points to set your budget.

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