Quilting Cosmos – Quilting a pebble background filler and rulerwork for an EPIC quilt!

***The full 1-hour, 28-minute COMMERCIAL-FREE course on how to quilt Cosmos is available here: https://academy.quiltaddictsanonymous.com/course/quilting-a-pebble-background-filler-and-rulerwork-cosmos/

When I took on the task of quilting Cosmos, designed by Stephanie Brennan using my fabric collection Nocturne, I knew it needed to be epic.

I chose separate quilting designs for each border, all three blocks and background. I chose an organic pebble background filler and then used sharp lines of rulerwork for the rest of the quilt to make the design elements of the blocks and borders stand out from the background.

We have two versions of this quilting tutorial. You can watch a free abbreviated version that covers a little bit of the outer border, pebble background filler and one of the blocks.

But if you want to watch and extended 1-hour, 28-minute course with eight videos covering exactly how I quilted the entire quilt, you can sign up for our course on Quilt Addicts Anonymous Academy.

In the course we cover rulerwork within quilting blocks, stitch-in-the-ditch, piano key quilting borders, cross hatched borders, outlining quilt blocks, pebble background filler and using thread changes and custom quilting to make your quilt design pop.

You can choose a course that just covers the quilting or one that covers the piecing and quilting so you can make this quilt like we did.

I love how this quilt turned out and can’t wait to share the techniques with you, so you can adapt them to make your own project special.

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