February Block of the Month

Sorry for the delay in getting the February BOM out. My daughter came down with croup Thursday night. She’s fine but the whole house was pretty sleep deprived and I got behind on the video for this month’s instructions.

This month we are making 28, six-inch blocks that will surround the 18-inch blocks we made last month. We are paper piecing again this month. But if you’re new to paper-piecing and are not sure if it is for you, don’t worry, we’re only doing it one more month in 2016 and you’re getting a break after this month.

But it is completely worth it to get all those little points in just the right spot. So pull out your Add-A-Quarter Ruler and Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper and get started.

Click here to download your free printable instructions. If you have not downloaded a pattern before, or purchased fabric from Quilt Addicts Anonymous, you must click here to create an account before you download a pattern. I can’t tell you how many emails I answered last month from people who tried and tried to download, only to find out they hadn’t created an account first. So don’t skip that step if you’re new to downloading patterns here.

Happy quilting!


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Comment (5)

  1. Cut and labeled all the fabric for the block. I put one together, and it is just beautiful. Thanks, Stephanie for the easy to follow directions. Also, your tutorial for the half square triangles helped tremendously, especially the part about how to square them. Now, only 27 more to go!

  2. I just found your site today so I am behind a month, I completed the download for January but I am wondering if there is a yardage chart for the whole quilt somewhere that I am missing. I have lots of batik so would like to use my stash if possible. Thanks Judy

  3. Please clarify for me. You say in the directions that the finished size is 6 inches. So unfinished size is 6 1/2 inches? Mine are a bit short. Also, do I square them up?

    1. Yes, they should be 6 1/2 inches unfinished. If you’re less than a 1/4-inch off, you’ll be fine. I only square up the units that make the block. I don’t square up once it is all together. Hope that helps!


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