Goodwill Craft Haul! Crayola Spin Art Maker – Crafting with Kids

The Future Quilter and I had a major score at Goodwill. We picked up a Spin Art Maker by Crayola for just $2.88 at our local thrift shop. We’ve scored a couple other awesome kids crafts at the thrift shop, so I’ll be sharing those too in future videos.

The whole reason I started crafting with kids was to give parents and grandparents ideas of activities they can do to encourage kids to be creative, develop problem solving techniques and teach them that they can create anything. Those are all great skills to have in life and in crafting. Plus, if you show kids making stuff is fun, then they’ll be more likely to become quilters later on.

This craft was a big hit. It was easy to use, perfect for a 4-year-old and a great teaching tool. We learned about resists, primary colors, and the secondary colors that are made when you mix them together. Basically all the foundations you need to be a great quilter someday.

My daughter spends a good chunk of her time in our quilt shop and she is already getting pretty good at choosing fabrics for dresses. She doesn’t always get that not all pinks go together, but she has a decent eye for picking out coordinating prints. So I really enjoyed talking about color theory with her in a fun, game-like way using the Spin Art Maker.

This project was a messy one, but it was so easy clean up. The paint came off my white sewing table with a little spray cleaner and a paper towel. And it came off of us with a makeup remover wipe, although a baby wipe would have probably worked just as easily. And let me tell you, we were covered with paint when we were finished.

If you make this with your kids or grandchildren I would love to see what you all create. Be sure to use the #quiltaddictsanonymous hashtag on Instagram so I can see what fabulousness you all cooked up.

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  1. Watching You and “the Future Quilter” brings back wonderful memories of crafting with my two daughters. My oldest daughter is now 35 yrs. and my youngest daughter is 27 years old.

  2. I am interested in the Burst block of the month. However, I am unable to submit my info. Is this because you are not doing a second round or is it closed?


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