Quilting with Rulers! Learn to finish your quilts on your home sewing machine

Finishing your quilts on your home sewing machine with beautiful results is absolutely possible with rulers! We’ve already done a video on using rulers on your longarm to create beautiful, precise straight lines, now we’re showing you how to get started on your domestic sewing machine.

I love rulerwork quilting because it makes me look better than I am. When you use them, your ruler foot is always in contact with the side of the ruler, which means you can get perfectly precise straight lines and curves every time.

In this video I show you the tools you need to get started and give you a few exercises you can try on a fat quarter quilt sandwich to get the hang of rulerwork before you give it a go on your quilt.

Supplies we used:


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  • Reply Carol Bobar

    You make it look east on the piece of fabric! But, when I have tried to quilt the three layers. The pins are always in the way or the fabric stretches in between the pins causing a tuck! I gave up trying! Can you show is how to avoid these problems and others after completing the practice tutorials. Thanks for all you do for us out here in quilt land! carolbobar@bellsouth.net

  • Reply anne warner

    Great Job on ruler tutorial! You inspired me to give it a try…I stared quilting about two months ago, and took my first quilt to a true longarm artist. I’m now making two more, and am going to give it a try – thanks for the inspiration. I ordered from you as well, appreciate the detail in your videos, grateful!

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