KonMari Your Stash Part II: How to Fold & Organize

A couple weeks ago we posted a video on how to KonMari Your Stash and you all loved it! You can watch it by clicking here.
In that video I showed you how we fold fat eighths, fat quarters, half yards and yard cuts so that everything is uniform in size and stored vertically so you can easily see what you have, and what you need.
But you all had LOTS of questions about fabric folds I didn’t cover in the video and most of them were on the same topics, so we made a second video to answer your questions.
In this one we show you how the KonMari folding method can be used for larger cuts of fabric and apparel or home decor fabric, what do I do with fat quarter bundles, or odd sized left overs from applique.
I hope this helps you all get organized so you can get creative surrounded by the beauty of your fabric stash!

Join the KonMari Your Stash contest! Entry deadline is Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

Click here to enter before and after photos of your stash for a chance to win 5 yards of fat quarters.

I want to see how crazy your stash is now and how beautiful it is once it is all folded and organized. You’ve got until Monday, February 11, to enter, so you’ve still got some time to get organized!

If your stash is already beautifully organized, just upload the after picture and we’ll count that as an entry too.


Here are the bins I use in the video that are available at Target.
Y Weave Small (used for fat eighths, fat quarters and half yards): https://www.target.com/p/y-weave-small/-/A-53816527?preselect=16554613#lnk=sametab


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  • Reply JoAnn

    Love your tutorial on the Konmari fabric folding. Want to get my fabric folded neatly. Can you please give me sizes of target baskets you use. There several sizes I saw at target. Thanks.

    • Reply Stephanie Soebbing

      JoAnn, the exact bins I use are linked at the bottom of the blog post. Thank you!

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