How to dress up the stipple meander!

I love a good stipple meander. It’s one of the first quilting stitches you learn because it’s pretty basic, and not too challenging to master. Basically you make a bunch of curvy bumps all over the place and as long as there are no points and lines don’t cross, you’re good.

But the stipple meander doesn’t have to be some giant, all-over stitch that basically just holds your quilt together. You can use it to accentuate your piecing and combined with some thread matching you can create a custom look.

That’s what we’re doing in today’s video. Watch as I quilt our latest make, Ghost of Christmas Past, and use differences in scale and thread choice to separate the piecing from the background, and really make the borders pop.

Products we used:

Ghost of Christmas Past:

Christmas fabric (keep new products, add a button or shop all Christmas):

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