Intro to Garment Sewing – Fabrics you can use for clothing

Figuring out which fabric to use for your garment project is more complicated than finding a print you like. You can to make sure the fabric substrate is suitable for the pattern you want to make.

In today’s video we’ll talk about the difference between quilting and garment fabric, let you know which fabric manufacturers’ substrates, or base cotton, would work for the skirt patterns in this course and introduce you to cotton lawn, which can be used in quilts or garments.

We also cover which fabrics absolutely will not work for the Intro to Garment Sewing course and what you want to look for if you are checking out fabrics in person.

Watch all the videos in the Intro to Garment Sewing course here:

You can shop our current fabrics that will work for sewing a skirt here:
Garment Fabric:

Make sure you also grab one or both of the skirt patterns we will be making in the Intro to Garment Sewing course.
Simple Pull-On Skirt:
Simple A-Line Skirt:

You can shop all of our recommended garment fabric notions here:

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