Intro to Garment Sewing – How to Measure a Body for Clothes

The last skillset you absolutely have to have to make garments is learning how to measure a body. We’re going to show you how in this video demonstrating the techniques on three different body types so you have the knowledge you need to get the correct measurements on yourself.

Starting with accurate measurements that were taken correctly, and in the right spot, are very important in creating a garment that fits you perfectly.

Accurate measurements also help you determine which size to make. Like pants at the department store, there is no standard sizes for garment patterns.

You need to know your own body measurements and check them against the ones given in the pattern you are working with in order to determine which size you should make AND how much fabric to get.

Next up we’re actually going to start sewing. So make sure you have all your supplies gathered so we can start making a skirt next!

Watch all the videos in the Intro to Garment Sewing course here:

Make sure you grab one or both of the skirt patterns we will be making in the Intro to Garment Sewing course.
Simple Pull-On Skirt:
Simple A-Line Skirt:

And shop our current fabrics that will work for sewing a skirt:
Garment Fabric:

You can shop all of our recommended garment fabric notions here:

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