Intro to Garment Sewing – Supplies You Need

If you’ve been sewing for a bit, you may have some or all of these notions on hand. But if you’re giving garment sewing a go for the first time after quilting or bag-making, some of these tools may be new to you.

Stephanie Brennan and I go over the essential, and not so essential garment sewing notions you may want to have while you work on your skirt.

We show you multiple options for each tool, explain the differences and tell you if you absolutely have to have it, or if it is just a nice thing to have and you may want to pick it up later.

Watch all the videos in the Intro to Garment Sewing course here:

You can shop all of our recommended garment fabric notions here:

Make sure you also grab one or both of the skirt patterns we will be making in the Intro to Garment Sewing course.
Simple Pull-On Skirt:
Simple A-Line Skirt:

And shop our current fabrics that will work for sewing a skirt:
Garment Fabric:

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  1. Excellent initiative! Your teaching skills are invaluable. Thank you Stephanie for all your past quilting videos, and now for your garment sewing techniques. I have been appreciating them all for a long time.


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