Echoed Swirls Background Filler + Rulerwork – How I quilted Singularity

Singularity, our latest Stashin’ with Stephanie quilt design, featured large sections of negative space that were just begging for some fun quilting.

I know that negative space can sometimes be intimidating because as a quilter we feel pressure to do something super fancy in it. But I chose echoed swirls to fill the space with a fun, modern texture that looks great but wasn’t too difficult.

I love using quilting stitches that are very different in the background versus the piecing to help separate the two spaces. So I chose some simple rulerwork in the triangles to help accent the angles and provide contrast with the background swirls.

I love how Singularity turned out and I hope this quilt takes away some of the intimidation that can come when choosing a quilting stitch. You really can choose something simple and make it look fantastic.

For more info on how to quilt swirls and with rulers, check out our in-depth courses:
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