Top 10 Video Tutorials of 2017

Upcycled Sweater Mittens

We thought we’d start 2018 off by taking a look at all the video stats from 2017 and bring you a roundup of our most-watched video tutorials from last year. There were nearly 400,000 views and 2 million minutes watched of Quilt Addicts Anonymous videos last year, so we had a lot to sift through.

But here it is, the top 10 QAA videos of 2017 as determined by your video views! And if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube Channel yet, make sure to click here to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our FREE video tutorials in 2018!

No. 10: Sewing Room Organization Tips

With 10,959 views in 2017, our Sewing Room Organization Tips gives you four tips for organizing your sewing space so it looks beautiful and you can easily find what you are looking for.

While I now have a quilt shop where I keep some sewing supplies, my sewing room at home is just a 9×12 space that used to be a sunroom. And it also doubles as a set for shooting video tutorials, so every square inch has to count.

Watch the video and share your tips! Visit the tutorial home page by clicking here.

No. 9: How to make double pinwheels from squares

With 12,547 views in 2017, and 35,240 all-time, this tutorial is an oldie but a goodie. This is one of the first video tutorials I made. My husband shot it on a first generation iPhone and I explained the whole thing in one take. How is that for pressure?

But the instructions are still solid and I still use this method today to make double pinwheels because it is so fast and easy.

This tutorial is part of a Triangle Bootcamp series I hosted several years ago, and the first pattern I ever designed uses all the triangle methods I demo in the series. You can check out that pattern by clicking here.

Visit the tutorial home page by clicking here.

No. 8: How to sew a mitered border

With 16,896 views in 2017, and 22,927 all-time views, you are going to want to Pin this video tutorial so you can come back to it the next time you want to sew a mitered border.

I don’t sew mitered borders on every quilt, but when the fabric calls for it, they can make a stunning addition to your quilt. My favorite time to use mitered borders is when I have a good stripe to use as my border fabric. Visit the tutorial home page by clicking here.

Click here to see all the striped fabric we have in stock at

No. 7: Refraction video tutorial

This video tutorial walks you step-by-step through creating the Quilt Addicts Anonymous original pattern, Refraction. With 17,545 views, this has been a fast favorite since it was just released this year.

The pattern uses one jelly roll, an equilateral triangle ruler and some background yardage to create a quilt that looks complicated, but is actually pretty easy to make. You can get the pattern by clicking here. And you can get the ruler by clicking here.

No. 6: Strippin’ Mini Video Tutorial

This tutorial also takes you step-by-step through making a Quilt Addicts Anonymous original, and as a bonus, the one and only Leah Day also made a companion video that shows you how to quilt it!

The video has racked up 20,124 views in 2017 and I heard from one QAA fan who used our tutorials to make her first mini and won first place at her Guild Show with her mini!

Click here to get to the tutorial home page and get a link to Leah Day’s video tutorial. Click here to get the pattern.

No. 5: How to cut strip sets quickly

This tutorial is going to change your life. Seriously.

I show you how to use your mat to line your strips up to keep them square and accurately cut strip sets quickly. You won’t cut strips one at a time ever again after watching this video.

With 30,138 views in 2017 and 47,257 all-time views, and 384 thumbs up, you can’t go wrong! Click here to visit the tutorial home page.

No. 4: Learn how to make Hexies with English Paper Piecing

Hexies and English Paper Piecing are all the rage right now. They make for a fun portable project that you can sew just about everywhere. This video racked up 33,880 views in 2017 and 42,095 all-time views with 444 thumbs up!

In the video tutorial I show you how to prep your hexies and sew them together in a grandmother’s flower garden pattern. I show you how to use a Sewline Glue Pen instead of basting everything with needle and thread. That tip is a game changer.

Click here to check out all our English Paper Piecing supplies at Click here for the tutorial home page.


No. 3: How to sew a perfect quarter-inch seam every time

If you struggle with sewing an accurate quarter-inch seam, then you need to watch this tutorial. I show you three ways to set your sewing machine up to sew a perfect quarter-inch seam. It works if you have a basic machine or one with lots of bells and whistles.

The numbers speak for themselves. This video has been watched 39,528 times in 2017 and 65,084 times since I posted it in 2015. Just check out this YouTube comment from someone who used it to solve their piecing problems:

“FANTASTIC……..I have a very good sewing machine but was having trouble with my 1/4” seams.They always came out too big. Then found and watched this video. I am now one very happy lady. I do have a 1/4” foot but my seams came out a little smaller still. So I tried your idea and moved the needle position. That has worked. Didn’t even know my machine had that capability so in the manual found out I could do a normal size or a scant size seam. NO MORE UN-PICKING SEAMS…….THANK YOU “

Click here to visit the tutorial home page.


No. 2: How to make upcycled sweater mittens

If you’re in the Midwest like me, you need this tutorial TODAY! I take you step-by-step through making a pair of adorable, super warm mittens from a quarter-yard of fleece and an old sweater. This is a fun, fast project and you’ll be super warm and toasty in no time.

You can download the pattern to make these mittens by clicking here. It is a digital download, so you can get started today if you want! Join the 40,670 other people who watched this video in 2017 and 69,190 who have watched it since I first posted the video! Click here to visit the tutorial home page.


No. 1: How to transform a dining room hutch using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I know, the only thing this has to do with sewing is that the hutch is in the backdrop of all my new quilting video tutorials and is the focal point of my sewing room decor.

But with 67,364 video views this year, and more than a quarter-million since I first posted it, this video is our clear winner for most watched video of 2017. So check it out, get inspired and find a new chalk paint addiction! Click here to visit the tutorial home page.

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