Mermaid Doll-Making Kit … Crafting Win or Hot Mess? – Crafting with Kids

I was five when “The Little Mermaid” came out, and I was OBSESSED with Ariel. I sang the soundtrack constantly, and I can’t sing, was a mermaid for Halloween and remember asking my mom if I could dye my hair red. She thankfully told me no.

When I watched the Disney classic with my daughter for the first time, I was really excited when she too fell in love with my favorite Disney princess. After all, I now had an excuse to watch my favorite kids move as a 30-something adult.

So when I found a Mermaid Doll-Making Kit , I knew I had to get it to make one with The Future Quilter. And my daughter was super excited to make her very own mermaid.

I have bought a bunch of kids crafts kids kits and normally they are awesome because they contain everything you need to make something awesome, have quality time with your kids and teach them that they can create something awesome.

Watch the video above to see if this ended up being a crafting win or a hot mess.

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