How to make a canvas apron with custom bias tape binding – 12 Makes of Christmas

Our ninth Make of Christmas is perfect for the holidays! Whether you want a custom apron for your holiday baking, or a matching set for you and your little helper in the kitchen, these are fun and fast to whip up.

And they are easy to customize and look adorable. I used Cotton + Steel cotton canvas for the body of the apron and coordinating quilting cotton basics for the bias binding to bring out the red in the apples. It turned out great and will be super durable.

Here’s the guide you need for cutting your fabric:

Apron width: Natural waistline measurement divided by 2 + 4-inches. For me this was 36/2=18, 18+4=22

Apron length: Distance between your natural waist and your mid thigh, or wherever you want the bottom of the apron to hang. For me this was 16-inches

Pocket: The height will be half of the Apron length. The width is the same as the apron width. For me this was 8 inches tall by 22-inches wide.

Bias binding: At least one fat quarter, half yard to be safe, cut into 2-inch bias strips

Crafting time

90 minutes



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