Simple Strip Pieced Quilt Pattern Perfect for Neutral Fabrics – Bricks & Pavers!

Learn how to make Brick & Pavers, from my first book, “Simple Quilts for the Modern Home.”

Bricks & Pavers is probably my second favorite quilt in the book. It is the one that is going to end up on my bed, now that I have redecorated it.

I just love how the pattern is created by using color value instead of crazy fabrics and prints. And the best part is even though this is one of the largest quilts in the book, it goes really fast because it is almost entirely strip pieced!

In this video I show you how to get your strip pieced units together, how to press your rows in order to pin them evenly without marking and how to make this quilt super fast!

The original Shell Rummel Quiet Moments fabric is no longer available, so I used the next best thing, Newsprint by Cotton + Steel. The fabrics have a similar neutral tone as the original and look just as lovely. We have a limited supply of kits while supplies last. Check out the links below to grab one.

This tutorial is meant to be a supplemental guide for people who are visual learners and want to see the quilt being assembled in addition to reading the instructions and assembly diagrams in the book. All of the cutting instructions, yardage requirements and everything else you need to make this pattern are included in “Simple Quilt for the Modern Home”.

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  1. Thank you for your comment! We’re honored that you want to make our quilt.

    Whenever possible we try to offer our patterns in multiple sizes. If the pattern is listed in multiple sizes, but not the size you want, it likely means the size and layout of the blocks or rows didn’t work very well in the size you have in mind.

    If we only offered one size, then it means that changing the size of the quilt would mean creating significant changes to the pattern by making the blocks larger or smaller, adding more fabrics and/or completely changing the final design in order to make the quilt larger or smaller.

    All of this requires a whole lot of math to work out the adjustments and make sure you have the right amount of fabric so you don’t run short, or have pieces that just don’t fit together right.

    Each one of our patterns is rigorously tested in-house, then by an outside tech editor to make sure everything is correct before we send it out to you and you spend your hard earned money on fabric.

    With such high standards, it is an expensive and time consuming process to release a pattern. We just don’t have the resources to rework patterns when we’re asked how to convert it to a different size.

    There are a significant number of resources on the internet on quilt math that you can use to adjust the pattern to the size you have in mind. We would love to see it when it is done.


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