How to Take Better Quilt Photos! No special cameras or lighting

There’s nothing more fun that showing off your latest quilt on Facebook or Instagram. And with many quilt guilds meeting virtually during the pandemic, a lot of times a photo is the only way we have to show off what we’re working on to our quilty friends.

So I turned the camera on while I was photographing my latest Stashin’ with Stephanie quilt so I could give you my top tips for taking better quilt photos. I don’t use any special cameras or lighting in this video. I just use natural lighting and my cell phone camera to get great results.

I show you how to use and manipulate natural light so your quilt is lit evenly. I give you tips on using home decor to stage the quilt like they would in a magazine, and give you some tips on getting the best angles and ranges of shots to show your quilt off.

And the best part is these are all really easy tips to follow. You can follow them using items you already have at home. And you just need a cell phone camera, no special photography equipment needed.

If you follow these tips, be sure to use the #quiltaddictsnaonymous on Instagram so I can see your quilt pics! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.

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