Master Half Square Triangles HSTs with this Fat Quarter Pattern! Tropical Grove

I was inspired by the pineapple quilt block for this month’s Stashin’ with Stephanie design. The bucket list quilt block is a challenging one, usually made with foundation paper piecing and features pointed strips of fabric radiating out from a square center, many times in a fade of fabric.

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At Quilt Addicts Anonymous, we’re about making quilting approachable to the average quilter. So I used half square triangles to create a similar effect, with a whole lot less fuss.

And if HSTs intimidate you, or you have trouble getting your points to end up where they are supposed to be, then this tutorial is for you. I cover in-depth how I get my triangle points to show up dang near perfect every time.

We cover how to mark, sew two-at-a-time HSTs, trim to the right size so the seam goes right into the corner and finally how to join the triangles so that you never lose a point again.

So even if you don’t want to make this design, I’d watch the tutorial just to up your triangle quilting game.

One thing to know about this month’s kits, you are going to have a good amount of fabric left over if you choose to do the lap quilt. That’s because we are giving you enough variety to create the fade as shown above and the fabric is used unevenly across the different color values.

If you choose the twin option, you will still get the same number of fat quarters, but we’ll send you extra background and binding fabric. You’ll have plenty to make the blocks, but the fade is not going to be perfect, so you’ll have a scrappier look.

Both will look great, whichever one you choose is dependent on if you like a clean fade or scrappy and if having extra fabric left over at the end of a project bugs you or not.

Products we used:
Stashin’ with Stephanie:
Tropical Grove pattern:
Tropical Grove quilt kit (supplies limited):
Forage by Sarah Gordon for FIGO Fabrics:
Spray Mister:

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