How to save $$$ on backing fabric! Plus new sophisticated fairies and sewing machine fabric …

We have the most adorable new modern fabrics to share with you this week.

First up is The Fae from Dear Stella. Design Rae Ritchie is so talented, we’ve had her collections before and you all have always loved them. She is inspired by images of the night, so there are lots of pretty moths, mushrooms and of course, sophisticated fairies that work for adults and kids.

Also from Dear Stella, we have Ready Thready Sew, a small line with some beautiful coordinates of sewing machines and notions. The soft color and modern designs are super cute, and I think they would make fabulous pillowcases. We even made up a couple samples and you can grab pillowcase kits along with bundles and yardage.

Last, we got an entire rainbow of 108″ wide backs! If you haven’t heard my spiel on why wide backs are so awesome, basically they save you $$$ on quilting and you don’t have to piece your backs.

Here’s how it works, most twins are around 60-inches wide, so you can just get 2 yards of a wide back instead of six of 44-inch wide quilting cotton, which will save about $35 on backing fabric.

If you have a king, up to 98-inches, you can just get three yards of a wide back instead of 9 yards of 44-inch wide quilting cotton, saving you a whopping $52.50!

Use your savings for the groceries, gas or more fabric for your next quilt!

Products we featured

The Fae, by Dear Stella:

Ready Thready Sew, by Dear Stella:

Pillowcase kits:

Mod Plaid Wide Backs, by P&B Textiles:

Carnival Wide Back by Tamara Kate for Windham Fabrics:

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