Intro to Garment Sewing – Simple Pull-On Skirt – How to Sew a Double Hem

We’re finally ready to finish our Simple Pull-On Skirt with a double hem!

This hemming technique is very popular because it is a very easy way to conceal all the raw edges to create a strong hem with no fraying edges.

It’s also pretty simple because you just need to turn and press the hem under twice, then topstitch and you’re done!

Next up we are going to work on the Simple A-line Skirt. This pattern introduces some new techniques like following a pattern, sewing darts and using interfacing to create a flat-front waistband.

If you’re following along in real time, we are going to take a little break to allow you all to get caught up and finish your first skirt and get fabric for your second skirt.

We’ll see you back here on Wednesday, November 2, to start sewing the Simple A-Line Skirt.

Make sure you grab one or both of the skirt patterns we will be making in the Intro to Garment Sewing course.
Simple Pull-On Skirt:
Simple A-Line Skirt:

And shop our current fabrics that will work for sewing a skirt:
Garment Fabric:

You can shop all of our recommended garment fabric notions here:

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