Everything you know about stitching in the ditch with open seams is wrong!!!

OK, today’s video title is a little clickbaity … but today we’re going to dispel the quilt police notion that you can’t stitch in the ditch when you have your seams pressed open and you’re going to watch me do it all over my quilt!

First of all, there is no “ditch” when you press your seams open. Both sides are super flat and end up at the same level. So technically you are stitching right next to the seam, which is what you do when you stitch in the ditch when the seams are pressed to the dark side.

But when you press your seams open instead of to the side, you get a much flatter join. This makes your points super flat and really shows of your points. But it also allows you to quilt right into triangle points without worrying about breaking needles or blowing a fuse on your longarm.

Contrary to what the quilt police will tell you, I’ve never had an issue with piecing threads getting broken, batting coming up through the seam or seams getting weaker over time.

So enjoy today’s video, and give yourself permission to press your seams open and stitch in the ditch on your next quilt. You’re going to love the results.

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