My Little Pony Chromies! The Most Fun Fail – Crafting with Kids

The Future Quilter is OBSESSED with My Little Pony. I don’t even want to know how many pony figurines we have in the house between the stuffed animals, plastic toys, squishy gel like like things with giant heads. It is a little out of control.

But of course I had to add to the MLP overload when I saw My Little Pony Chromies. I immediately ordered a set so she could color her own Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

Well … this was one craft toy that didn’t turn out anything like the photo and it had nothing to do with the coloring skills of a four-year-old. The ink from the markers just didn’t stay on the plastic finish very well, making it next to impossible for this to look good.

But even though this was a total fail, my daughter had a blast making them and still enjoys playing with them, so I’ll take it.

Supplies I used:

Tara Toy Corporation My Little Pony Chromies Color & Collect Craft Kit:

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    I am looking for the placemats you had a tutorial on that you designed

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