Official Jelly Roll Rug 2 Tutorial! Learn to Make the RJ Designs Jelly-Roll Rug 2 Pattern

I am so excited! We partnered with Roma Lambson, the genius who launched the super hot Jelly Roll Rug trend again. This time we are bringing you the official tutorial on her second pattern, Jelly Roll Rug2.

The rectangle version of the popular Jelly Roll Rug Pattern, is super easy, featuring only straight strips, so it is guaranteed to lie flat when you are finished. So if you had trouble with the original, the Jelly Roll Rug 2 pattern is for you.

I have already made two using American Made Brand solid strip rolls. The neutral one following the Joanna Gaines trend of using using grays and taupes to create stunning contrast that goes with everything is for me. And the one using the pastels roll is for my 4-year-old daughter who loves all things rainbow.

But be warned, these rugs are super addicting. Once you make one for yourself, you’ll also want to turn a bunch more 2 1/2-inch strip rolls into rugs as gifts for family and friends!

We have everything you need to make the rug at Quilt Addicts Anonymous. Get all the supplies and see the jelly rolls we have in stock at this link:

Here is a link to the strip rolls I used … If you get a 404 error, it means we sold out and check out the link below to see our in-stock strip rolls: Neutrals 2 1/2-inch Strip Rolls by American Made Brand for Clothworks:
Pastels 2 1/2-inch Strip Rolls by American Made Brand for Clothworks:

– Jelly-Roll Rug Squared Pattern:
1 Jelly Roll:
50 yards of 2 1/2-inch wide strips of thin batting OR two rolls of Bosal Katahin On-A-Roll 100% Organic Cotton:
Size 14-18 Denim Sewing Machine Needle:
1 Large Spool of Aurifil Thread (at least 1200 yards) to blend or contrast with your fabrics:
Sewing machine in good working order
Walking foot:
Frixion Gel Pen:

Watch the Ultimate Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial:

Check out more from Quilt Addicts Anonymous …
Online quilt shop:
Brick and mortar quilt shop: Quilt Addicts Anonymous, 3416 46th Ave. Ste 103, Rock Island, IL 61201

Music: A Little Deja Vu (Instrumental Version) by Staffan Carlen, Bring Me Up Higher (Instrumental Version) by Daniel Gunnarsson, Castle To Ruin (Instrumental Version) by Martin Hall, Don’t You Wanna Know (Instrumental Version) by Staffan Carlen, I Wish That I Was A Mad Man (Instrumental Version) by Staffan Carlen, If Only I Was A Poet (Instrumental Version) by Staffan Carlen, Life’s PAssing Me By (Instrumental Version) by Daniel Gunnarsson, Out Of Her Mind (Instrumental Version) by Sebastian Forslund, Stormy Weather (Instrumental Version) by Daniel Gunnarsson, You Know What I Want (Instrumental Version) by Staffan Carlen from Epidemic Sound.

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  1. Love this rug. And it’s a good way to use up heavier remnants or old slacks/jeans that you can cut into long strips. I’ve made several, lining the strips with strips of old flannel sheets. They are sturdy and so pretty.


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