Fast, Fun Pleated Wristlet Perfect for Homemade Gifts! Leading Lady Pleated Wristlet

You are going to have so much fun making the Leading Lady Pleated Wristlet by Sew Many Creations. You can easily make this wristlet in an afternoon, and it doesn’t use much fabric, which makes it perfect for holiday homemade gifts!

In this video I walk you through how to center your fabric motifs to ensure they are centered, how to fold and sew pleats, how to make your strap, install a zipper and sew your wristlet together.

It is super easy and totally doable for beginner and advanced bag makers. And it is a great way to showcase super fun prints. We used MonaLuna Organic Cotton for all of ours because their designs are just fabulous for projects like this.

As always, any video featuring a pattern is meant to be a supplemental guide for all you visual learners out there. To get the cutting instructions, templates and step-by-step diagrams, make sure you purchase a copy of Leading Lady Pleated Wristlet by Sew Many Creations. You’re supporting the pattern designer and Quilt Addicts Anonymous, so we all can keep bringing you sewing inspiration!

Leading Lady Pleated Wristlet Pattern:
Leading Lady Pleated Wristlet Kits:
1/2″ Swivel Hook:
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