Official Tutorial Colossal Round Rug & Jelly Roll Rug π by RJ Designs with Quilt Addicts Anonymous

RJ Designs has done it again and come up with another way to make the Jelly Roll Rug, so that means we have another video walking you through the steps to do it!

The Colossal Round Rug & Jelly Roll Rug π contains instructions on how to make two sizes of round rugs. There is a 38-inch diameter version made from one 2 1/2-inch strip roll and a 54-inch diameter version made from two rolls.

First, if you’re thinking, I’ve already done one (or a bunch) of these, I don’t need the new pattern. I would think again. I worked with Roma Lambson to create the video for this project, and demonstrating how to start the center was one step I had to leave out.

Her instructions for the center are fabulous, work great and completely essential to getting an even circle rug. And I am usually really good at figuring out stuff like this on my own, but I would not have thought of her method to start the circle on my own. So if you love the rug, support the designer and us and buy the pattern.

Second, I would not attempt this rug with anything other than the pre-cut Bosal Katahdin On-A-Roll 100% Organic Cotton. The rolls of batting are super thin, which helps make your rug lie flat. I tried to do an oval rug with batting scraps just to see the difference and it was such a hot mess. I ended up having to rip out half of it to make it lie flat.

Third, it is so important that you work on a surface that is level to your sewing machine for the round rug. That doesn’t mean you need a fancy table or expensive extension table. I stacked all of my craft books around my sewing machine and it worked great. My rug was perfectly flat without any ironing or spray starch.

Lastly, you have got to take it slow and clean your sewing machine often. I slowed my sewing machine down to half speed so I could slowly and deliberately watch over adding strips to the curves, carefully easing in just enough fabric to lie flat without any fuss.

All these tips are in today’s video. I hope you love it and give it a go. I honestly was pretty afraid I was going to end up with a giant bowl and have to scrap the entire video before I started. But by following all the tips in the video and in the pattern, this was by far my best rug yet, and 100% perfectly flat. So watch the video, get the supplies and start making!


– Colossal Round Rug & Jelly Roll Rug π:
1 Jelly Roll:
We used Ombre Stitches by QT Fabrics:
50 yards of 2 1/2-inch wide strips of thin batting OR two rolls of Bosal Katahin On-A-Roll 100% Organic Cotton:
Size 14-18 Denim Sewing Machine Needle:
1 Large Spool of Aurifil Thread (at least 1200 yards) to blend or contrast with your fabrics:
Sewing machine in good working order
Walking foot:

Watch the Ultimate Jelly Roll Rug Tutorial:

Watch the Official Jelly Roll Rug 2 video tutorial:

Watch a video on how to wash your jelly roll rug and fix it if it isn’t flat:

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  1. I bought the colossal jelly roll rug pattern and would like to do a repeating pattern similar to the one shown on the pic. Could you provide how to lay out the actual jelly roll strip pattern please?
    I’d like to do a repeating pattern. Obviously, as the rug grows, it will take more material to complete one row — Is there any type of template that says something like row 1,2,3 is one strip, row 4 takes 2 strips, row 5 takes 3 jelly roll strips…….


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